The Burning Chariots in the Skies

by Avenge The Throne

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released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Avenge The Throne Salinas, California

This is a project about expression, hate, emotion, spirituality defining ourselves and the being beyond the tradition orthodox Black Metal sound.
Individually we seek for the truth in all beliefs, and the morals within them.
Our music is used as an artistic expression and additionally an emotional, physical, spiritual expression as well.
We would like to thank anyone who follows us on our journey.
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Track Name: Metamorphosis
Alter your ascent
and see without eyes
transcend your mind
leave everyone behind

All that you see
and all that you think
are reflections
of what you'll become

In the midst of the mountains
behold the horizon
By the flames of our hatred
redeem all the chosen
Track Name: Among the Goliath Structures
What used to exist here
died long ago
its memory lay
in the silence of the winds
no-one has remembered
the faint sound of the past
what exists now
is dirt and dust

From afar you can see
the faces of the stones
hiding all it mystery
these Goliath structures
stand for all centuries

Etched in stone
carved in clay
a lost history
of forgotten tribes
the land lay still
the nights turn cold
unspoken wisdom
turned to gold
(Illiaster, Xaphan)
Track Name: Blinded by Earth
Feel what cannot be seen
sense the awakening of time
drained by thoughts and emotions
the illusions of doubt
blinded... blinded
by the Earth

is the Earth

In the night we wander the planes
scouting the hills and the forests
we are the mortal and the dead

Follow the stars
and the quasars
back to your home
Follow the flame
of which you gain
the truth

You have arrived
atop the mountain
see it for all it is
you will never comprehend
its depth
Track Name: The Burning Chariots in the Sky
Ancient Sumeria
before the common era
a different epoch
of time
The heavens fell
as the skies turned black
The lights descended
upon the earth

Legions of fire
scorching the pale moonlight
language cannot decipher
knowledge is spoken through

Chariots burning in the skies
see them within inner eyes
with two eyes closed
one eye can see
shed yourself from your disbelief

See the present moment
through the future
looking into the past
(Illiaster, Xaphan)
Track Name: To the Scaffolds
I'll never see them again
but all is well
tomorrow their memory
shall fade into hell...

...And without their soul
they'll descend into fire
into the stars
or the pits of their false desire

All is nothing
eternal rest
All is well
and all is for the best

To the scaffold
impaled concoction

Insane with wanting
but nothing shall last
Conquer the sun
and rise above
Track Name: Volcano
Wrought with malice
sweltering in blood
scorching with vengeance
on the verge of eruption

This hate shall dispel
the pain in this hell

The wheel is turning
the tide has changed
The sky is burning
our anger deranged

This hate shall dispel
the pain in this hell

The wheel is turning
the tide has changed
the sky is burning

Erupting with madness
our fire and malice
Blackened redemption
shall bury you in ashes